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Site Staff

fallenPineapple !doof.n7.A2 - Admin
Discord: fallenPineapple#3325
Email: [email protected]
If there is something wrong on the site I am probably the one to blame.

Leth !Leth/HQgHY - Moderator
Skype: Lethallin
MLPG's best friend

P.Q. - Moderator
Email: [email protected]
Pony Quest

Wf+6 - Moderator
Email: [email protected]
Steam: TL
Originally ran one of the first (maybe the first) quest in MLPG, A Dark and Sinister Text Adventure, later settled down to help develop Simple10 and run quests.

Cazum - Janitor
Creater of our awesome MLPG Locator.

Fidget - Custodian
Resident NEET

fluxy - Janitor
Email: [email protected]
Marker Mover, Partime writer & >feelsmith

Gaius Smitebird - Janitor

Groves - Janitor
Email: [email protected]

Krabb !SHACKgKv2o - Janitor
>steam b-bark

Nathan - Janitor

Technical Stuff

Hamburger Time Calendar
Idea by Blue Rat and Coded by Empty Audio as a way for MLPG to orginize events so the great beb isn't too dull. Thanks EA for taking the job head on and producing quick quality work!

Lifeboat Locator
Coded by Cazum (CodeZombie) was backup for when the Hyper-index wasn't working quite right, it has become the go to finder for some. Thank you Cazum for writing it up and providing support when things went crazy.

Ponka Clocks
Created by Randumb as a cute way to tell you the time and when to expect your next pony fix.

Random Number Generator (The Dice on /q/)
The current system has be coded by Cazum and is far superior to my previous hack job.